Hiring & Retaining Talent Part 2

Hiring talent is hard enough, the last thing a company wants to do is to do it over and over to fill the same positions. Once we hire these awesome people, we as companies must do our best to keep that talent from moving to another company.

Millennials are always looking for the latest and greatest. As our workplace started to be filled with millennials, turnover rates went up. So, how do we get these eager people to stay put & continuing to bless your company with their presence & intelligence?

Providing a positive application & onboarding experience is a start. This is the first contact we have with people and it’s also an important one. If the application and onboarding process is smooth, professional, and quick then we have set the bar for how we expect our company to run. It also starts with a positive experience instead of frustration and headaches just to start their position.

An intellectual mind is a wandering mind. It’s our job as a company to keep the employee fulfilled with new training, self-growth, & professional development.  It’s important to keep our employees up to date with our industries but it’s also important to provide employees with opportunities for self-growth. This allows our employees to learn many different skills that will come in handy in the work place such as stress reducing, decision making skills, self-care, etc. A happy employee at home and outside of the workplace is more likely to enjoy their job and stay in their position.

That brings us to flexibility. In todays world, a large percentage of people are looking at how to get out of the 9-5 rat race. This is especially true with women. As the workplace filled up with more and more women over the last several years, the need for flexibility and raising a family became more important. However, this is also true for men. People want a work-life balance to reduce stress & spend more time with loved ones and doing things they enjoy. As companies, it’s understandable to have boundaries but we also need to create flexible sick plans, PTO policies, & be understanding that our employees are also human with lives.

Provide your employees with the tools they need to do their job! This is especially important in a client-based industry. There is no greater frustration than trying to keep clients happy but unable to do so in a timely & professional fashion because you just don’t have the tools necessary. Always get employee feedback when introducing new tools or looking to introduce new tools. Remember, they are the ones who will be using these daily! Also, remember that sometimes things may look like they will fulfill needs in the beginning, but technology is always evolving and changing so hear employees out if they have change in opinions a few months down the road.

We could go on and on about how to keep employees around. Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, we will never keep everyone & that’s ok. Some people aren’t going to share our vision, our passions, and will find themselves better suited other places. Our goal is to keep that turnover rate down so that we aren’t spending valuable time and money constantly replacing employees. If you’re loyal and caring to your employees, you can expect the same in return. We’ve all been employees are some point more than likely, always ask yourself when making decisions, “if this was me sitting in that chair, how would this affect me? How would I react to this decision? Will this better the company or only myself as an owner?” Good chance that if you care about your employees, you will 99% of the time make the right decision if you are honest with yourself with answering these questions.

Now go ahead, get on out of here—go tell some or all your employees how much they are appreciated. Talk to them, ask their opinions. Keep up the good work—or implement these changes to better your company & team today!

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