4 Simple Steps to Better Time Management

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Most business owners (well people, in general) seem to never have enough time.


So, what is the best way to manage your time?


Time Block.




1.) Use realistic time blocks. Between 20 minute minimum and 90 minute maximum blocks at a time.


2.) Remove distractions! You cannot focus and be productive without distraction-free work time.


3.) NO multitasking. It seems tempting but multitasking is a way to do a lot of things poorly. This is a SUPER HARD one for entrepreneurs to avoid the temptation of, but DO IT!


4.) Set boundaries. Know when to stop. Working non stop leads to burn out. Have a bed time. Have set working days, and set off days. Boundaries is a key many people miss.


Hopefully these tips will help get your time management under control. Sit down and figure out the best way to implement these tips into your week, and watch your productivity soar.

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