Tips For the Mompreneur


Running a business is most certainly not a piece of cake. But neither is raising a family, and managing a household. However, some women balance between these two seemingly impossible juggling acts with such ease that they seem to put any male competitor to shame (sorry fellas).

Driven, focused and committed, these women have dedicated their lives to the growth and well-being of both their children, as well as their companies. The awe inspiring momtrepreneur success stories are numerous - in fact, many would argue any woman taking charge of her career while looking after a family in itself is incredibly inspiring.

But how do successful mom entrepreneurs get to the top and what useful tips have they used to get there? Here are some great tips.

1.) Don’t Let Inexperience Stop You

Many moms have put their careers on hold, passed on promotions, and more because of the needs of their families. When it comes time to make decisions for their business they may feel overwhelmed, and afraid to step out due to inexperience.

Don't let that stop you! Do you have a great idea? Do it! Do you have skills that would make a great business idea? Go for it! Don't let fear of the "what ifs" paralyze you.

2.) Surround Yourself With Friendships That Inspire You

Whether you need a friend to talk to to calm your nerves, take turns with for babysitting, or whatever, connections are important. In addition, making great business connections is key. Connecting with like minded professionals can help overcome the fear and indecisiveness you may feel.

By networking with other business owners you can connect to experts and advisors to help kick start your own business.

3.) Let Go of the Baggage of Perception

When you are balancing motherhood with a career it is typically illusions of what is looks like to be the perfect boss or mom that sets you up for failure. When you let go out the perceptions you can soar. No one has it all together. No one does everything perfect. Trying to maintain the perception of perfection will set you up to crash and burn

4.) Be Disciplined With Your Time

There is no one schedule that will work for everyone. However it is a good idea to sit an figure out what is important to you, your career, and your family. This helps establish a plan. Having a plan for your time will help you stay on track. .The key is figuring out what works for you, and remembering to make yourself one of your priorities.

Whether you are just starting out in the business world, coming back after a while, or experiencing a change in career, you may feel overwhelmed. You just need to remember that it does get better and can be very rewarding in the end.

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